The [Uncertain] Four Seasons


What does it sound like?

Request to view a recording of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra performing the Sydney variation in January 2021

When is the event?

Streams of performances will occur in the 24 hours before 7pm GMT on the 1st of November 2021 to coincide with the start of COP26 in Glasgow.

What will the final score look like?

Download the final parts and scores of the Sydney variation here.

Are the scores and parts for our variation free?

Yes! We will provide parts and scores in the same format as the Sydney variation above. We are also happy to share Sibelius files if required.

Is there a budget for orchestra and streaming costs?

We will provide and deliver a streaming platform and marketing campaign for the project, but we ask that orchestras cover the logistics, filming and recording of their performance. We are happy to support local funding applications.

Does this need to be live or pre-recorded?

Either is fine. If pre-recorded we require content to be delivered before the 18th of October 2021.

How can I get involved?

This is an enormous undertaking and we’d love help in any capacity. Reach out to us here.

Can we create an individual statement at the beginning?

Yes, absolutely. Every orchestra is free to add something to the performance at the beginning.

Will there be advertising assets to help us in our communication?

Yes, there will be selected assets to make use of in digital and social media.